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Research Projects Sponsored

The Indian Social Science Council (ISSC), under its Sponsorship Programme, invites proposals from the group of scholars/institutions for commissioning research studies in the following thrust areas of social science.

Groups/Themes under Sponsored Research Programme

Group I

  1. Poverty and Inequality in India
  2. The Agrarian Crisis

Group II

  1. Education – Issues of Access, Equity and Quality
  2. Economic and Social concerns of the religious Minorities
  3. Economics of discrimination
  4. Economic and social issues confronting the marginalized Social groups
  5. Gender Violence: Caste, ethnic, religious dimensions
  6. Social Causes of Gender Violence in India
  7. Corporate governance and Ethics

Group III

  1. Changing Nature of Public Protest and Political Mobilization
  2. Identity, Interests and Coalition: Changing Nature of Politics in India
  3. Electoral Reforms and Representative Democracy.
  4. Changing, Dynamics of State politics: implication for Indian democracy
  5. Indian middle class

Group IV

  1. Changing Nature of Global Hegemonic structures
  2. Emerging Challenges of Indian Foreign Policy
  3. India’s Changing Security Environment
  4. Culture, Literature and Society: Established Trends
  5. Research Methodology in Social Sciences with focus on disciplines of Political science, Sociology and Psychology,

Terms and Conditions for applying Sponsored Research Projects 2017-18

  1. The themes under the sponsored research programme focus on the issues of contemporary relevance, less explored areas of study and those involving policy implication.
  2. In understanding research on these themes, the ISSC expects that the research will develop new understanding and insight on the issues which become bench mark in terms of concept, theory, methodology and research outcomes.
  3. Given the significance of the sponsored research, the financial support from ISSC would be of higher scale varying from a minimum of fifteen lakhs rupees to a maximum of fifty lakhs rupees depending on the nature of work. Those proposals with a budget estimates of below fifteen lakhs rupees may not be considered.
  4. Applicants should mention Group and Themes as mentioned in the Thrust Areas (both number and title to be given, i.e for e.g., Group I: Theme 1-Growth, Poverty and Inequality)
  5. Those Proposals do not fall under the purview as mentioned in our Group/Theme will not be considered by the ISSC.
  6. Given the scale and nature of research under sponsored programme, the ISSC expects that the research will be inter-disciplinary in character and that researchers from different discipline will constitute a team.
  7. Proposals under this scheme will be accepted from scholars/institutions in a field of study with a proven record of research in the proposed field of study.
  8. Those scholars, who have ongoing Research Projects (Responsive/Sponsored) as Main Project Director/Co-Project Director, need not apply.
  9. The Council reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason. The Council is also not responsible for any postal loss/delays in communications.
  10. Project Director has to be from Reserved Category, if the grant has to be released under Reserved Category (subject to its selection/approval).

Applications along with all the relevant documents may be addressed to:

Research Projects Sponsored Division,
Indian Social Science Council.

The last date to receive applications is on or before 30th July 2017.